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Company Main Business
Zhuhai HaiDian Technology Co. Co.,Ltd. was established in 2012, specialized in entertainment audio/video devices.
KUROKU, commits itself to the researching & developing, manufacturing and marketing of 3LCD Full HD projectors, LED single LCD projectors as well as DLP multi-media projectors.
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Products Obtain Many Certificates and Qualifications

HAIDIAN's quality management system has been passed the ISO 9000 certification by China Quality Certification Center, all projectors have obtained the China Compulsory Certification(CCC Certificate) and CE, ROHS.
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Company Business Development
We have a full industry chain, and a large number of patents, and inventions. By independently developing, manufacturing, and selling LCD projectors, our projectors have been widely used in the entertainment venues, such as KTVs, Bars, as well as home theaters,
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Overseas Customer Export
what's more, they have been exported to North &South America, Europe, and Southeastern Asia. We have earned an extremely good reputation for its superb performance, our annual sales have led the China projector industry for 3 years...

Overview of Our Production Plant

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